The regal Collection


The guy with the golden scarf

A collection ripe with symbolism. Gold is wealth, extravagance, freedom: connections that resonate with me on a personal level. An old golden silk scarf was one of the few items I brought along from London to LA, and my nickname, “The Guy with the Golden Scarf”, was part of my rebirth. More than anything, perhaps gold is opportunity.

These scarves are classic in look and style, but their golden design will always carry that extra meaning for me. A perfect combination of the traditional and the contemporary.


Limited Edition of 100

Made from the finest graded spun and nett pure silk twill, our scarves display hand-knotted Victorian-style ornamental silk fringes and King James' Lion logo to create a unique product. Each one is the perfect width and length for all your fashion needs, whether you're replicating the swagger of a 17th-century London coachman or the elegance of Italy in the 1960s. Whatever your style, our scarves are the crowning glory of any accessory collection.